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The Spanish Cession

Information about the Spanish Cession

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It was discovered by Spain.
As a result of the French and Indian war Spain gave Florida up to the British.
In return, Spain got to keep land west of the Mississippi.
After the American Revolution, the British held Florida becuase it wasn't part of the 13 colonies.
The 1783 Trade was between Britian and Spain.
It said Spain got Florida and Britain got the Bahamas and Cuba.
The U.S. had problems with Florida.
The slaves from the United States would run away to Florida, since Spain owned it and the U.S. couldn't do anything about because Florida wasn't part of the U.S. 
Then Seminole Indians would attack Georgia and run back to Spanish Florida.
The Indians were another problem to the U.S.
All the raids from the Indians brought loss of money, loss of property, loss of equipment, and etc.
Spain thought it wasn't their problem that the Indians were attacking the U.S.
So, President Monroe sent out Andrew Jackson to fight the Seminole Indians.
Andrew Jackson took over most of the Spanish forts in Florida, which made Spain angry.
Even though spain were mad at the U.S. for what they have done, they made a treaty with the U.S.
Spain made a treaty with the U.S. because they were fighting Mexican rebles and didn't want to have war with the U.S. 
Since Spain lost land west of the Mississippi, they didn't need Florida anymore.
Then the U.S. gained Florida through the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819.
The U.S. bought Florida for $5 million.
Spain gave up claims to Oregon area.
Florida became the 27th state in 1822.
Its first governor was Andrew Jackson.

Here, you will learn how the U.S. got Florida.